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About Adult Video Chat DirtyRoulette

DirtyRoulette is not your average standard adult video chat. Those of us who remember ChatRoulette will instantly recognize the concept. The website allows us to have live sex chat and Cam2Cam with random people on the Internet. While there are plenty of such websites out there, most of them have way too many dudes as opposed to hot cam girls. Fortunately, DirtyRoulette has an elegant solution to this rather serious problem. We can simply choose to get matched only with girls.

Once we did that, we were in for some good times. DirtyRoulette has quite a lot of female performers that will suit any taste. In this review, we will go through everything the website has to offer.

ATTENTION! Dirtyroulette is just a domain and it redirects all visitors to the Flingster site. We recommend that you register immediately in the Flingster video chat.

Pros & Cons

Easily Meet Strangers
Video Chat Filtering
Anonymous Adult Chat
Copy Of The Flingster Site

How to Register on DirtyRoulette

Registration at DirtyRoulette is as easy as it gets. All we had to do was to enter a valid email address and choose a password. Soon after that, we received an email with a verification link that we had to follow. Once our account was ready, we were able to start using the website properly. Or at least we thought so.

The main issue with DirtyRoulette is that all filter options are locked behind a paywall. While creating an account is free, if we want to skip all the dudes and chat only with girls, we have to upgrade. The website also has a lot of pesky ads that can only be removed by upgrading as well. Overall, if we want to have a good time at DirtyRoulette, we need to get that credit card ready.

How To Use DirtyRoulette

DirtyRoulette features a simple and elegant interface that is extremely easy to use. The platform is quite intuitive and there are not a lot of complex options or controls. The Home Page allows us to pick our gender and start chatting right away. Once we are live, we can switch between cams by clicking the Next button. There is the option to chat with your match, or even talk directly to them via a microphone. The whole experience is pretty similar to the Cam2Cam feature at standard adult video chat websites.

Unfortunately, there are not many interaction options or quality-of-life settings. In fact, we did not even see the option to go full-screen, which is often essential for sex cams. Overall, DirtyRoulette is very simple to use, but we found it lacking when it comes to functionality.

How To Choose A Model On DirtyRoulette

This website’s name is DirtyRoulette for a reason — you never know what your next match will be. Unless we have a premium account, there are no accessible filter options at all. All we can do is hit Next and pray that we will see a hot girl on the screen. Unfortunately, the chances of getting an old dude instead are pretty high. This is why we recommend getting a premium account and dealing with the problem once and for all.

Once we went premium, we were able to apply filters to our live chat experience. We could choose to see only girls, only boys, or only couples. The website also allowed us to pick specific countries in which we were interested. With this functionality enabled, we found DirtyRoulette to be quite an enjoyable website. Once we find a model we are interested in, we can simply remain in the chatroom and get things going.

How to Communicate Correctly on DirtyRoulette

When it comes to actual adult cam sites that have performers we can tip and make requests from, there is a certain etiquette that must be followed. The same cannot be said about DirtyRoulette, since it is more of a direct sex video chat with random people. There are no advanced interactivity options or features that allow us to reward performers. DirtyRoulette is just a video chat platform, similar to ChatRoulette back in the day.

When communicating with girls on this platform, keeping them in the chat is all on us. If we like what we see, we should not be too aggressive or disrespectful. Otherwise, we risk the girl moving on to her next match by clicking “Next”. We found that most of the girls on DirtyRoulette are quite friendly, but we must not take advantage of that. In order to keep the chat going, we must be as respectful as possible.

What Girls Are On DirtyRoulette

During our time with DirtyRoulette, we managed to have adult chats with quite a lot of girls. When it comes to nationality, we matched with girls from all around the world. The majority were European, but we also found Asian and black girls as well. There really is no way to adequately describe what types of girls one can find on this platform. It all depends on who is online at the same time as us.

Main Categories Of The DirtyRoulette Chat

Let’s take a look at the different types of users we encountered while browsing through DirtyRoulette.

1. Girls

Thanks to the filter options at DirtyRoulette, we were able to chat exclusively with girls. There are quite a lot of them from all around the world. We are certain that if someone looks long and hard enough, they will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

2. The Guys/Gays

For people interested in guys, DirtyRoulette is undoubtedly a good place. There are a lot of guys to be found, even though their faces are not exactly what is in focus most of the time.

3. Pairs

We were able to find a few pairs of girls who were looking for some fun. It is safe to say that there are plenty of pairs that actively use the platform for adult chats.

4. Lesbians

Given the fact that so many people use the platform, it is no wonder that there are many lesbians to have fun with on DirtyRoulette.

5. Transvestites

During our time on the DirtyRoulette, we were not able to find any transvestites. However, we are fairly certain that one can get lucky if they know what they are looking for.

The Main Advantages Of DirtyRoulette Over Other Random Chats

DirtyRoulette has one major advantage over other random sex chats — the core functionality is totally free to use. We do not even have to register in order to start chatting with a random stranger. However, if we are looking for some hot cam action with a girl, we must prepare to skip over the seemingly endless amount of dudes exposing themselves on the platform. But  once we get a premium account, this problem disappears.

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As far as random adult chats go, DirtyRoulette is not exactly what we hoped for. Even though it is normal for such platforms to have predominantly male users, there should be a free way to filter those out and focus on the girls. However, with DirtyRoulette, the only way to do that is to pay. For people who do not care about that and are comfortable with spending money on a filter option, DirtyRoulette is not that bad.

Other than that, the website has a simple and intuitive design and is overall very easy to use. The stream quality is good and there are plenty of hot girls to find and have fun with. Once we went premium, DirtyRoulette was actually a pretty fun place to be at. However, for people who are looking for free adult chats, our recommendation is to look into other platforms.