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SexEmulator is our new fully interactive game where you customize, train and play your character to unlock more content!
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About SexEmulator

Sex Emulator is a great porn game concept, where you can fully immerse yourself in the story and learn how to have sex with 3D characters who by the way have really big boobs!

Would you like to have a girl sex guide, who will teach you all the secrets and show you what she can do? Then Sex Emulator is exactly what you need right now.

The 3D girls in the porn game can be whatever you want, Asian, black, European or Russian. Also, you can choose any breast size and just enjoy this adult game. To make the game was more interesting, we advise to choose a model with big tits, so it will be more spectacular.

You can fully control the character, to order what to do, when to suck or fuck. You can fuck her in the ass without being asked and she will always be satisfied. Level up the character and she'll do even more unique things.  Just create a free account and see how it works.

Register on Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator offers quick and interactive registration. Press "Play Game" and you will be taken to the character selection page. You can choose your own parameters, from small boobs to big ones, hair color and ethnicity.

You can also customize her skills. Here's an example:

  • Sucking: 99%
  • Spanking: 55%
  • Anal: 100%
  • Feet: 18%
SexEmulator Register
SexEmulator Register

You can also choose a ready-made 3D character - it's quite exciting:)

SexEmulator Premade Models
SexEmulator Premade Models

Enter your email and password, and then you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Enter your credit card information as you see fit.


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Since the advent of new technology and advancements in programming, video game visuals have become increasingly lifelike. Porno video games, sometimes known as Sex Simulators, are a subgenre of video games that are less well-known to the general public yet just as entertaining as sports, heroic fantasy, strategy, and shooting games. Being so lifelike and exciting, they provide players the chance to live out their wildest imaginations as they customize their avatars in real time. One such game is called Sex Emulator, and it has a 3D French sex simulator. Where can I find free adult games? Then play the top rated sex simulation games!

SexEmulator Game Features

Sex Emulator is an online sex game that allows you to simulate live sex scenes thanks to some special features. The first feature of Sex Emulator that makes the game especially appealing is that you can customize your 3D characters. With the editor, you can customize almost everything about your partners' appearance. Start by choosing a name for your partner, and then determine their background, face shape, and all their body features, such as breast size.

Give Orders And Get Them Right Away

SexEmulator, here you have to give orders to your characters. You can ask them to undress, perform oral sex, masturbate, assume a certain pose or play with sex toys. You are not only a spectator, but also an actor, and you can decide everything for your characters. The game offers many actions that you can perform live. You can choose not only the location of the action, but also its intensity - faster, slower or harder.

Interactive Sex Simulator 3D is particularly original compared to other sex simulators. Girls' voices are not phrases created from nothing by a robot, but real voices. This makes the game even more realistic and immersive because you really experience the scenes as if you were immersed in them. The interactive moments bring the excitement to a climax, in addition to a wide variety of actions, positions and possible scenarios.

Other Facts about SexEmulator

Once you've created your perfect girl on SexEmulator, you can get her to do some rough stuff while listening to a decent voiceover of her saying dirty words. There's a collection of live cameras, a collection of numerous games with new ones being added all the time, and a large video gallery with content from different genres.

Choice of Games and Characters

There are more than 150 hentai action games put together by many third-party studios, including series like Fuck Town and the like. As for videos, there are thousands of them in different genres, whether it's amateur, Asian or even crimpy. In addition, there's a 3d Toon section with a huge number of rendered clips, as weird as they are hot.

All in all, a great place for XXX games. A true BDSM paradise in my opinion, just sit back and enjoy the spectacle while you jerk off. There are games with richer gameplay, where you can, for example, set up a criminal empire from scratch, create a squad and recruit new team members, while attracting beautiful girls ready to fulfill your every desire. The gameplay depends on the game you choose.

I know I haven't denied myself the pleasure of watching a barely legal schoolgirl being stripped naked and punished in every possible erotic way, fucked and forced to give a deep blow job.

The SexEmulator site is quite large. After logging in, you get access to all of their content, which is also quite varied. After a few steps, you'll "level up" and then you can register and enter the user section, which has a lot of adult games.

There's entertainment for all tastes: you can make her slap her ass, show you her beautiful legs, suck a dildo or shove it deep into her tight ass.

Sex Emulator Personal User Page

Sex Emulator offers over 400 games to choose from. Includes such games as Hard Knight Rises, Mutant Orgy, and others. Some of the games here are parodies and others are originals. I think it would be a good idea to play some of them to tell you what they are, so let's do that, shall we? Go to the official site to learn more about Sex Emulator and sign up for a free trial.

Applying BDSM Discipline to a Virtual Sex Experience

To begin, I chose BDSM Discipline since it has a high rating and the individuals that frequent Sex Emulator's members' section are probably aware of the quality differences between the various titles. If I'm being really honest, the gameplay isn't great here, but that's not always a negative thing. It's essentially a cinematic tale experience, and I think many of you, especially those with a taste for bondage, are going to love it. A barely-legal high school girl wears her uniform to a sex house, where she is promptly stripped naked and dressed in more provocative garb. You will thereafter be responsible for administering various forms of corporal punishment to this blonde beauty. The nice thing about BDSM discipline is that there are moments where you can just relax back and let the drama unfold before your eyes without having to do anything other than stroke your snake.

Sex Emulator: Hustle City

Hustle Town was one of the most intriguing games I found within Sex Emulator; it provides a realistic and immersive gangster experience, perfect for the young game fresh out of jail and eager to build a criminal empire. You start off with little money and much less of a crew, but as you make more money and improve your reputation, you'll attract more and more women who will do everything to wrap their mouths around your dick. When compared to the other games I played while using Sex Emulator, this one stands out as the most comprehensive and time-consuming. I spent around 30 minutes with this game until I decided I needed to focus on exploring other games on the platform, which should give you a sense of how great it was for me.

The Hentai Content is Provided by Sex Emulator

When it comes to game games, hentai must be included. Sex Emulator has an outstanding collection of hentai-themed games (now over 150) developed by a wide variety of independent firms. You might be familiar with the Fuck Town series, and this establishment offers a good selection of games from that series, such as Fuck Town: Personal Training and Fuck Town: Library Debt. There are a few more interesting games in the hentai section, such as Colledge Life (not misspelled by me) and Spring Desires, so if you like hentai, you'll probably love what they have to offer.

In Other Parts of the Sex Emulator Software

In addition to the games I've just discussed, Sex Emulator also features an extensive video library. If you follow the link in the header, you may browse through several categories of extreme video content. You may jerk off to the sounds of 12,000 amateur uploads, 2,000 Asian releases, and 5,000 creampie videos! Want to know the most remarkable thing about this place? There are thousands of rendered, CGI shots covering a wide range of topics and concepts in the 3D Toon area. Moon base banging, doggy spring vacation, and even little green trolls getting sucked off by hot blonde whores are all in a day's work for these guys. The 3D Toon uploads on Sex Emulator are great for anybody looking for a hilariously twisted library of porn.

If you prefer watching movies in their entirety, you may choose from hundreds of DVDs here, including such gems as Amateur Lesbian Auditions, Mommy Banged A Black Man, and Mature Busty MILFs. The multi-hour DVDs feature a wide variety of guys, so you can jerk off to whichever smut you choose. Finally, the Sex Emulator includes Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault at no additional cost. This package leaves nothing out.

Sex Emulator: How to Play?

It's a breeze to get into the action on Sex Emulator. All that is required is a simple online registration and account creation. After the initial setup is complete, the game's world and atmosphere are yours to explore at your own pace. First, you'll want to make your characters, and then you may give in to the temptation of all the things you can have them do. It will come as no surprise to you how easily you can manipulate people into doing what you want.

Is Sex Emulator a Paid App or is it Available for Free?

Since the game allows anyone to play Sex Emulator online for free, there is no need to find a cheat or crack for it. Simply signing up for an account will allow you to accomplish this. Because Sex Emulator is a premium game, you may try out some of its features for free. After the free trial is up, you'll need to whip out your credit card if you want to continue exploring the site and experience the full range of fantasies it has to offer.

SexEmulator - F.A.Q

Is SexEmulator Free?

Yes. You just need to sign up for an account. With an account you will also have access to many other sex games, adult videos, and live webcam shows.

Can I play with other SexEmulator users?

Yes. If you have an internet connection you can play online with other users, and you can create a story and participate in sexual adventures together. The game also has an offline mode where you can do the same things but with non-playable characters (NPCs).

Who are the other players?

SexEmulator games are enjoyed by players from all over the world. They are users just like you - of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual preferences. While most sex simulation games are enjoyed by men, SexEmulator is the only porn simulator with an increasing number of female and even transgender players every day

What types of mobile devices are supported?

SexEmulator supports all types of mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows phone, tablets, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Why choose SexEmulator and not another game?

We're constantly making updates and we don't stop the process of developing new models, new features, new options for better, more interactive interaction between players. SexEmulator also offers a free trial version of the game with a limited set of features so you can evaluate the benefits for yourself.

Is this game for VR?

We are currently working on a VR version of the game (virtual reality game).

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Bonus offer: 10 day, $1.25 paid trial to which automatically upgrades to 49.95/month membership unless cancelled.


+ Create Your Own Girl For Free
+ Incredibly Sexy Voice Acting
+ Flexible Appearance Settings
+ Multiplayer
+ Realy HOT Girls
+ Guaranteed Anonymity


- Need to add a card after registration

Our Verdict

When everything is said and done, can confidently state that does a superb job of giving you a wonderful variety of XXX games throughout a respectable diversity of categories, and on top of that, a vast library of porn films for you to jerk your little ding dong to. I think anyone interested in pornographic games would enjoy this site, so go ahead and check it out if you have the chance.

SexEmulator is one of the most popular new adult sex simulation games. This browser-based game has seen record growth in the number of players. Currently, the game is regularly played by more than 5,000,000 players per month. We assure you that you will experience your first orgasm in the first minutes of the game. But don't worry, the girls in the simulator won't go anywhere and you will be able to fuck them again and again!