Hand-picked Selection of Top-rated Free Porn Comics

September 14, 2020
Adult Comics
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If you enjoy reading adult comics online, you probably appreciate not only their visual naughtiness but also the masterful storytelling. Online space provides broad opportunities for self-expression in all types of the erotic genre: queer NSFW, Patreon subscriptions for smut artists, extensive Fakku or Slipshine catalogs, free distribution of porn content and many other in-demand formats. However, sex comic still exists in the physical form as well so you can experience the tactile joy of flipping the pages.

High-brow art representatives look down at erotica, diminishing its value and refusing to recognize its significance. It's time to admit that this obsolete approach is hardly compatible with modern life. We inertially continue to label adult comics as obscene, disregarding their artistic merits and the wonderful sensual beauty that they reveal. Meanwhile, this art direction embraces quite a wide range of subgenres, from sublime pin-up to in-your-face porn, proudly revealing its diverse faucets to those who don't make hasty judgements.

When you start looking for free adult comics on the internet, you will be spoilt for choice. Hundreds of worthy, sassy, exquisite works of art are up for grabs on profile websites, astonishing you with the variety of their plots, the mastery of execution and the originality of the creative style. Below, you'll find our carefully curated selection of online porn comics for all tastes and preferences that have received a unanimous acclaim.

#1 - The undisputed reference standard for the genre: The Invitation

The Invitation Comics
Photo by: The Invitation

This smart comic series not only turns you on physically but sets your mind on fire. Released by InCase, it consists of two parts. A paranormal scientist William Loving III gets hold of a powerful artifact that deprives him of his male human nature and turns him into a feminine demon, serving obediently to his supernatural master. Apart from the main character, the sinister spell affects his fiancé Annie Marie Bowyer as well. She also becomes a slave to the incognizable force, and the plot of this NSFW comic is based on the gradual and drastic transformation of both.

Source: https://incase.buttsmithy.com/comic/the-invitation-p3/

#2 - A hentai gem: Can An Otaku Like Me Really Be An Idol

Adult comic for hentai fans
Photo by: KUMA

Technically speaking, it's not hentai at its purest rather than its ecchi subgenre. Ecchi is less explicit and makes you fantasize more than stare. Created by Wacoco Waco, this precious species of Japanese erotic comics tells the story of an otaku student Takumi Suzuki. He cross-dresses as his role model Rumepi who is quite a star in his country. Quite unexpectedly, Suzuki's clandestine crash Misaki Hayakawa is also attracted to the idol culture. Both start to explore their innermost desires and delve deep into the realm of bizarre sexual fantasies. This one is distributed through Fakku and can be obtained in either digital or physical format.

Source: https://www.fakku.net/hentai/can-an-otaku-like-me-really-be-an-idol-english

#3 - An outstanding anthology: Smut Peddler

Smut Peddler Comics
Photo by: Smut Peddler

This series of queer-inclusive adult erotic comics started in the early 2010s as a highly acclaimed continuation of the Smut Peddler micro-comics that saw light in the very beginning of the XXI century. No matter which installment of this imaginative series you pick, it will be setting an unprecedentedly high bar for the whole erotic industry. Smut Peddler focuses on extremely diverse manifestations of sexuality: here you can discover a wide array of races, genders and queer forms of self-expression. The anthology is populated with a plethora of trans characters. Its protagonists find themselves in mind-blowingly tricky situations, from having to deal with their infernal boyfriends to experiencing sexual encounters with robots.

Source: https://ironcircus.com/?product_tag=smut-peddler

#4 - Queer erotic masterpiece: Crossplay

Crossplay Comics
Photo by: Crossplay

The author, Niki Smith, sends the protagonists of this work of art to a geek convention. If you frequent such type of events in offline life, you might recognize yourself in one of the characters. The convention digresses from its main topic and immerses its attendees in gender exploration and sexual discoveries. All the skeletons get out of their closets, secret crushes are discussed openly and suppressed taboos become a normal and welcomed agenda. This graphic novel is sexy, refined and highly authentic from the psychological point of view. You can indulge in it in digital format or order a softcover copy from the Iron Circus Comics publisher site.

Source: https://ironcircus.com/?product=crossplay

#5 - The most impressive continuous comic series: SFSX

SFSX Safe Sex Comics
Photo by: SFSX (Safe Sex)

We owe this one to Tina Horn and a talented team of illustrators that consists of Alejandra Gutiérrez, Jen Hickman and Michael Dowling. The comic devilishly fits into the current social and political context. The totalitarian government of the USA inclines to Christianity, feminism and conservatism. As a result, a fascist state is shaped. Queer people, kinksters and sex workers are absolutely not welcomed here but they somehow struggle to survive. A committed squad of sex workers gets fed up with the ruling regime and decides to put an end to it. The dystopian fiction was released before the recent turmoil in the USA and turned out to be quite prophetic. You can follow the adventures of its main characters on the Image Comics website or order a physical copy.

Source: https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/sfsx-safe-sex

#6 - First-choice adult webcomic: The Rock Cocks

The Rock Cocks - Comics
Photo by: The Rock Cocks

This one skilfully blends the captivating genre of a rock band saga with a romcom. Steg and Suria are punks, they both belong to The Rock Cocks bands and they are in love. At the very inception of the saga, they still stick to a more conventional lifestyle and spend dull days in the office. To a great enjoyment of their fans, they manage to quit the routine and turn into full-fledged rock evangelists. They make the most of their artistic freedom, recording smashing hits, touring extensively and enjoying infinite lewd encounters. Thanks to their fame, talent and glory they can live out the most daring fantasies that everyday people can only dream of.

Source: http://rockcocks.slipshine.net/

You can peruse this one on the official website of its publisher, Slipshine, at no cost. Dozens of chapters are available there, plus, you can discover the freshest "tracks" (this is how the author calls the new installments of this comic) on Patreon.

Hopefully, this selection of top-notch free porn comics came in handy for you. With the help of this comprehensive guide, you won't waste too much time looking for a piece of art that will allow you to experience the most vivid emotions. The choice of adult comics online is unlimited and new titles keep springing up every day. After you build a certain background in this sphere, you will be able to objectively evaluate the merits of each comic. It will become obvious for you that this kind of art is just as praiseworthy and sophisticated as the more traditional paintings, novels or movies that we are used to classify as culture.