How To Make Money on Onlyfans — Instructions for Models

February 12, 2021
How to become a model on OnlyFans
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To register for OnlyFans, you must be 18+.

After registration, you need to pass age verification by uploading a photo of your passport and a selfie with it.

Filling Out a Profile on Onlyfans

After logging in to your account on OnlyFans, you will see icons at the bottom. Click on the far right icon, with a little man. There we will select MY PROFILE.

Your profile will open, and the number of posts, photos, videos, and likes that you have received will be shown at the top. You will need to click on EDIT PROFILE.

OnlyFans Profile Register

There will be many, many icons on top, we will only need two.

OnlyFans Settings

1. The little man icon is your profile. You need to fill it with information.

  • Select two photos — one for the background, the second for the avatar. Be sure to censor them, as they will be public photos.
  • Username — write your recognizable nickname. Later, if you change your nickname, be sure to change the links to it in other social networks. Networks — your fans will not be able to click on a non-working link.
  • Display name is an alias.
  • Specify the cost of your monthly subscription, below you can add a discount for a subscription for 3, 6, 12 months.
  • The ABOUT item is your description, it may match the description on Fancentro.
  • You can skip the Location item, or you can specify your own location. It should match what you tell your fans on other sites.
  • Website — we recommend that you provide a link to your webcam profile.

Save everything that we added and click Save changes.

2. The mail envelope icon.

Here we turn on the Welcome message for new fans feature, which sends a welcome message to new fans.

In the field below, write a message that will automatically come from you to the subscriber as soon as they subscribe to you.

How to post on OnlyFans

Click the house icon at the bottom to open your wall. It is visible only to your subscribers who have subscribed for money or for the promotion temporarily, so you can post your nude photos and any other content here.

How to post on OnlyFans

Compose new post — here we write the text of the post, then we can attach a photo, video, survey, etc.

When your post is ready to be published, click on the Post on the top right. If necessary, you can edit this post later.

There is also an opportunity to post stories, just like in Instagram. Click Add to story almost at the very beginning of the wall. The story disappears after a day.


Until you have at least 10 posts on your wall — you will not open all the functions.

But as soon as this happens:

  • under your posts, others will be able to leave tips;
  • you can create an entry and add a fundraiser there by specifying a goal.

Chats in OnlyFans

To enter the chats, click on the mail envelope at the bottom.

Chats in OnlyFans

Here is your list of dialogs.

As on Fancentro, there is an option to unlock messages for money.


According to our personal observations, Onlyfans users are very active in chat rooms and leave comments. Answer them at least 2-3 times a day, this will greatly increase the probability of earning money.

Actions with subscribers and statistics

By clicking on the bell at the bottom, you will see a news feed, which will display all the actions of your subscribers: new subscriptions, payments, etc.

OnlyFans Statistic
  • Statistics can be viewed by clicking the little man icon in the lower right corner, then Statements.
  • Under the star will be displayed your position in the statistics of all users on this site. The lower the percentage, the better!
  • Below is the earned amount, from which the percentage of the site has already been deducted.

Even below are all payments with a description.

Earning Statistic
  • You can view the list of subscribers by clicking on OnlyFans under your profile name.
  • Here you can also see who spent how much on you.

There is also an important point of Rebill. If you see On, then the subscriber has enabled autopayment for your subscription and you should maintain good communication with them. If it is Off, then you should establish communication with this subscriber, since after the expiration of the period, he will no longer buy a subscription, so be sure to pay attention to him.

Fans Page

Remember, at any time, you can increase the traffic to your page and the number of subscriptions by launching a promotion.

OnlyFans Promotions
  • To do this, click on the little man icon at the bottom, and then click on Promotions.
  • From the top you need to choose Discount-discount or Free Trial-try for free.

Specify the discount, the date, and click Create.

Do not forget to remove this discount when it is not necessary.

Points to know and apply

  1. On Onlyfans, everyone communicates very actively, and the income of the models directly depends on this. No one is interested in just looking at a photo/video. If there is no regular interaction with fans — there is no income.
  2. Post your posts every day! The simpler, the more effective. Don't forget that you need more adult content.
  3. Reply or at least like the comments.
  4. Write a simple "Hello" to the fans you haven't talked to yet, thank them for subscribing, and try to find out what content they would like to receive from you.
  5. Reply to messages. Not all users may seem pleasant to you to communicate with, but at least a minimum of attention should be paid to each.
  6. Do nice little things for especially generous fans. For example, send a short video or photo that you made specifically for him. Show gratitude.


OnlyFans can be a great source of additional income for you, as well as a tool for self-promotion and expanding the audience of your webcam broadcasts. But remember, its effectiveness will depend only on the degree of your efforts. Closer and more personal communication with fans can fuel their interest in your broadcasts. Start giving the service at least 20-30 minutes a day and the first results will not be long in coming.