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Usually on the "About Site" page they write boring information about the company, the mission, and bla, bla, bla...

This story about the site is unusual, it is full of sincerity and meaning.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Arthur. Why is there no last name? Friends, this is adult content and I'm not ready to write my last name here, as I live in Russia. And in Russia, they give you a pop for it (to put it mildly).

But despite this, I will still post links to my social networks, I think I can do this: Facebook.

So, who am I and why did I make this site?
I'm a former porn actor from Russia. Yes, I was a cool actor who made a big contribution to the porn industry in early 2005. It was then that a lot of porn was filmed in Russia, there were many beautiful girls and a very active life.

It was I who first started making porn videos with pumps. Yes, now I can't prove it, but believe me, it was I who first started rocking women's pussies and priests with a pump for a member.

Here is proof of this (+18):

  1. Video #1
  2. Video #2
  3. Video #3
  4. Video #4
  5. Video #5
  6. Video #6

I think that's enough, because I got carried away:)

I shot almost all the famous porn actresses who were working in Russia at that time:

  1. Willa (My former wife)
  2. Sasha Rose
  3. Mandy Dee
  4. Henessy
  5. Jessica Miller

At this point, I paused, as I was overexcited from watching porn with my participation:)

In general, during my entire career, I had more than 1000 women with whom I acted. Yes, that's a lot!

If you are under 35, chances are you don't know these actresses.

I'll tell you frankly, I didn't like being in porn. But I really needed the money. I was young, I really wanted sex, and making porn almost every day I fucked from one to three new girls. This of course was very captivating.

My introduction to video chats

Back in early 2000, I started working as a model in video chats. At that time, there were only LiveJasmin, CamContacts, iFriends, and ImLive...

I wasn't making bad money, or I thought so at the time.

After that, I opened my webcam studio and had about five models working for me. Due to this experience, I know everything about adult video chats and porn.

Yes, I have a lot of experience in the adult industry and I passed all the stages. Therefore, I can safely say that I am a professional in choosing the best sex chats.

That's why I created the site www.SimilarCams.com.

Here I do reviews on all video chats where you can chat with girls from all over the world.

I really like to visit video chats and spend money on it. My favorite sites are: StripChat, BongaCams, Chaturbate, and SkyPrivate.

Why did I create this site?

As I said above, I am a professional in video chats. Therefore, I can do expert reviews on each site. In addition, I personally know many video chat owners and can give you more information than other similar resources.

I created this site to provide for my family, namely my daughter. Yes, I have a little daughter, from a popular porn actress who uses the pseudonym "Willa.”

To be honest, this is a very sad story that I will not write about (it is not beautiful, to throw dirt on the ex-wife, no matter what a bitch she was).

I will say only one thing, that I alone bring up and provide for my child (the mother does not work and is not going to). Plus, by law, I have to pay my ex-wife money. That's why I created this video chat rating to somehow cover all my expenses.

Do you think I'm complaining about my life? No. I just want you to understand why I created this site and I'm waiting for your understanding.

Mission and goals for the future

I want this site to become the most important and recognizable when it comes to choosing a video chat.

I think the name of the site is very successful "Similar Cams."

I will continue to develop this brand, and I really hope that you will help me in this pursuit.

How can you help? It's simple.

Share my site on social networks, tell my story to friends, or post information about me on your site/blog.

This will be the best contribution to the development of my site.

In addition, I really want to create the largest porn search network. Yes, this is a very difficult task, and it requires a lot of investment. But I believe I can do it.

There is already Google, DuckDuckGo. And I want to make a porn search engine on the domain: DuckDuckPorn. Like:)?

In conclusion

Friends. I would like to thank you very much if you read my little story to the end. This is, of course, a small part of my life that I shared.

If you like video chats, chat, porn, add my site to your bookmarks and visit my page more often.

For all questions, write to Telegram: @AWORLD