Advertiser Disclosure

Our Disclosure, and Why It Matters to Our Visitors

We recommend some services and products on this site from which we earn a commission. However, that only occurs when you click on one of our affiliate links (you can find more information on affiliate marketing here) and actually purchase the following web hosting services and website builders that are listed on our site:

Why Are We Affiliated with Them?

First of all, we do this because SimilarCams operates as a legitimate business. Secondly, by doing this, we can avoid banner ads. And thirdly, we believe that these products are actually better than other.

All of this helps us keep up with the latest innovations on our site. We realize that reviewing web hosts can be time-consuming, as well as expensive. That’s why we have personally registered on all of these sites and checked if they are reliable.

For that reason, we recommend them to our users, and we assure them that they are safe to use.

Why Are We Disclosing This?

We believe in being 100% transparent on the web. Also, we want to be honest and straightforward with our visitors.